Virginia Urban Wood Group

Virginia Urban Wood Group

Welcome to the Virginia Urban Wood Group where we envision:

"A future where the economic value of the timber after the tree eventually dies, is just as important as the many benefits it gives the community while living."

- Damon Barron, Treecycle America

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Vision Statement

We envision a future where every tree has a use at the end of its life—a level of use that honors its existence.

Financial support for the Virginia Urban Wood project comes from: US Forest Service, Southern Region; Trees Virginia and the Virginia Department of Forestry.

Mission & Purpose

  • To address the management needs and improve the marketing opportunities for wood products from small acreage forests, interface forests, and urban forests through outreach, education, and workforce development.
  • To foster awareness, knowledge, and skills among homeowners, small acreage owners, and natural resource professionals and entrepreneurs to increase the overall health, productivity, and utilization of these forests.
  • To facilitate best use practices of trees within urban and suburban areas by developing markets to support the recycling and utilization of these resources.

Instructional Videos

Forestry Fast Break: Renewable Resources

Forestry Fast Break: Urban Wood Usage

Grading Logs

Milling Logs

Directional Felling

What is Urban Lumber?

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We need your help! You can help us protect our urban forests and community trees.