Trees Virginia is pleased to bring you This resource was born out of the efforts of Look Up, Virginia! – a consortium of arborists, horticulturists, urban foresters, urban forest scientists, and utility service providers striving to educate the public about tree and utility line conflicts.

Conflicts between trees and overhead utility lines are unfortunate occurrences in our towns and cities. These conflicts lead to power disruptions, safety hazards, increased utility costs, and disfigurement of trees. Fortunately, trees and utility lines can coexist as long as we make good choices about selecting, planting, and caring for trees.

The purpose of this website is to increase awareness of conflicts between trees and overhead utility lines and provide citizens with information and resources to make informed decisions about trees in their communities. In the coming months, new content will be added to this website to enhance learning opportunities for tree owners and citizens.

The Look Up, Virginia! consortium has been involved in public outreach and education about trees and utilities for about 20 years. The consortium has supported a range of programs:

Contributors to Look Up, Virginia! have included:

To learn more about prevention of tree and utility line conflicts, check out this publication from Virginia Cooperative ExtensionTrees and Shrubs for Overhead Utility Line Easements. 

Utility Friendly Tree Resources

Below is a collection of resources that will help you to do your part to reduce tree and utility line conflicts:

Benefits of Trees

Tree Selection

Tree Planting

Tree Pruning

Visit a Utility Line Arboretum near you to see trees on display that are compatible with overhead utility lines.  Click on the link for each Arboretum to view the newly created Plants Map page!